"Feedback is much appreciated from attentive, inquisitive readers who follow our thoughtful news coverage and insightful analysis." 

~ Mary P. Brooke, B.Sc., Cert PR, Editor & Publisher  

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West Shore & Sooke VOICE News 

We welcome your feedback. Please send letters or testimonials to:  editor@sookevoicenews.com or editor@westshorevoicenews.com  

Testimonials 2013 [Year 3]

After reading your news, it amazes me that your newspaper is so full of information about events and people here. Thank you! ~ Judithe Ann Gatto (Oct.2013)

I know by experience how hard it is to have a business in Sooke. I want to congratulate you for your perseverance and hard work. You are doing good. ~ Margarita Dominguez, Sooke Animal Food and Rescue Society (Oct.2013)

You are doing an amazing job! ~ Shirley Lowe, Regional Director, South Island, BC Pensioners & Seniors Organization; Sooke, BC (Sept.15, 2013) 

I loved your editorial about the empty nest. So nicely written and it warmed my heart.
~ Cindy Patrick, Sooke (Sept.3, 2013)

Just read the online version of Sooke Voice News -- the ad (for Juan de Fuca Emergency Program) looks wonderful. What a great job you are doing with the paper.~ Jeri Grant, JdF Emergency Program Coordinator, Sooke, BC (Aug.9, 2013) 

Your VOICE is strong, smart and savvy! ~ Mary E Coakley, Sooke, BC (Aug.9, 2013) 

Hello Mary: You've done it again -- thanks so much for the excellent coverage of the Sooke fire (of July 31, 2013). No where is the coverage better and faster. Good, reliable information fast when you need it. Thanks so much for what you do for the community. ~ Michael Galizio, Shirley, BC (Aug.2, 2013) 

Thank you for your timely and very informative report on the (Evergreen mall) fire. I can count on the SVN for up to date information.  ~ Mark Ziegler, president, Sooke Rotary (Aug.2, 2013) 

Thank you for the very informative article this morning about the fire at Evergreen Shopping Center (sent promptly as an email bulletin). Wow!  ~ Mary Cunningham (July 31, 2013) 

You have earned your good reputation for solid news reporting in this town. ~ Pam Day (July 2013) 

We are so happy to have you and the great Sooke Voice News. We always read every item. Thanks for all your hard work. ~ Lis Johansen (July 2013) 

Congratulations for such an attractive and informative paper. There is no end to your perception of interest and creative talent! Thank you! ~ Shirley Lowe, Sooke (March 2013)    

 To Mary at Sooke Voice News -- write what Emerson called 'the rude truth' -- this world depends on it. ~ Jon Brooks, singer-songwriter (March 2013)

Your paper is reaching a lot of people, maybe since it is both fun (so much packed into a small space) and easy to read online."~ Jo Phillips, coordinator, Awareness Film Night (Feb.2013)   

Testimonials 2012 [Year 2]

I appreciate the second voice in Sooke. It’s absolutely critical to the debate there. ~ John Horgan, MLA (Nov.2012)

Your newspaper is an asset to this community. ~ Ken Stratford, former CEO of Business Victoria (Nov.2012)  

Testimonials 2016 [Year 6]

"Your most recent edition is so current! The news covers a wide span of interest." ~ Robin Fleming, Sooke (Feb 9, 2016)

"West Shore/Sooke Voice News makes an important contribution to our community." ~ Daniel Gilbey, Sooke (Feb 8, 2016)

"I appreciate all the work you do to produce a valuable community asset." ~ Grant Hall, Otter Point (Feb 1, 2016)

"Over the years and after a lot of hard work, the weekly West Shore Voice News is now recognized in Sooke as a rare treasure of our times. Mary’s courage to portray the truth in an old-boys-club town and to separate herself from traditional women stereotypes clearly shows her strong self-confidence. We are still crossing difficult economic times, and Mary’s adventurous journalist skills are an important. Insights found in her newspaper can be part of navigating our way through social and economic challenges that in some ways are unique to this side of Vancouver Island."  ~ Margarita Dominguez (Jan 1, 2016)



Testimonials 2015 [Year 5]

"Best-ever editorial for telling it like it is." (July 10th edition) ~ Herb Haldane, Sooke, BC (July 2015) 

Your newspaper is concise, informative and interesting. You pack a lot of news into those 4 weekly pages!"  ~ Peter Kedge, Sooke (April 2015)

The first time I read Sooke Voice News, I was hooked! Finally, something different to read in Sooke! ~ Naomi Ponech, Sooke (February 2015)

Fabulous coverage of things that matter to Sooke!!!  ~ Shirley Lowe, Sooke (February 2015) 

I love your paper and the perspective you provide!  ~ Cathy Rogers, Sooke (February 2015)  

Once again you have found new and interesting ways to tell and present the news!  ~ Shirley Lowe, Sooke (January 2015)  

Testimonials 2014 [Year 4]

You have a wonderful, factual newspaper. It provides a great service to our town. ~ Marion McLellan, Sooke, BC (July 2014)

Great edition once again (May 16, 2014 Long Weekend edition) -- thanks for all the useful and newsworthy articles. The Sooke Voice News is a great way to keep up with what is going on. Thanks for what you do.~ Michael Galizio, Shirley, BC (May 2014)

Sooke Voice News works diligently to provide local residents with up to date news both locally and regionally. SVN has weathered the changing digital landscapes as well as the tough economics of recent years to remain an excellent source of news for Sooke residents." ~ Dawn Hueston, Canada Signal Company Inc (March 2014)

Your accurate, unique, interesting way of presenting facts or opinions (which you clearly distinguish) makes reading what you write both informative and enjoyable.  ~ The Rev. Dr. Alex Nagy, Director of Theological Field Education; School for Ministry, Episcopal Diocese of San Diego (Jan.2014)