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Informative insights for today's inquisitive reader. Sooke Voice News offers insightful, meaningful news coverage about Sooke and the west shore of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and beyond.    "Journalism by independent newspapers in today's media-saturated world is about figuring out what to ask, who to ask, and not being afraid to ask -- then publishing with care." ~ Mary P. Brooke, Publisher, Sooke Voice News


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  Editor in Chief: West Shore Voice News & Sooke Voice News   

Mary P. Brooke, B.Sc., Cert PR


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News of the west side of the Vancouver Island west shore area is covered weekly (in print/online PDF) and daily (breaking news) online.

  • The weekly print edition is published on Fridays.
  • West Shore Voice News is a media news service serving a south island (west shore) and Sooke-area readership and a broad eb-wide online readership with quality journalism. 
  • Full edition in print and online.
  • Online breaking news: regional/BC  and local Sooke
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  • Content includes interesting articles, informative columns and updates on local news for attentive readers. Coverage of elections, economy, socio-economic trends, health and education.
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Sooke Voice News is brought to you by Brookeline Publishing House Inc., a local business committed to providing a quality news service while contributing to the positive growth of business and community in Sooke. West Shore Voice News since November 2015, emerging from within Sooke Voice News (weekly since January 2011). Preceded by MapleLine Magazine 2008-2010.

Contributors welcome to submit articles, photos and reviews for consideration. Write to editor@sookevoicenews.com

RIGHT of REFUSAL: We reserve the right to not publish material or contributions (letters or otherwise) that are unsuitable for a general audience or possibly libellous or slanderous, or which are deleterious to the best interest of the Publisher.  Views expressed in Letters, Op-Eds or other comment sections are not necessarily also those of the Publisher or Editor.

West Shore Voice News and Sooke Voice News is produced and printed in-house, in Sooke, BC.






We are committed to serving the Sooke community with quality news coverage and expanding the awareness of Sooke far beyond Vancouver Island. We appreciate the support we receive from many businesses and community leaders and give back with great stories, insights, and a fantastic marketing opportunity for groups and businesses.    See events page for current activities.